Child actor, male, 10-12 years old

Looking for a child actor, male, 10-12 years old, to play the son of the lead actress in an online commercial for a clothing app.
The short 15 second commercial will also be edited down into 3 x 6 second, 1 x 10 second variations.
Ideally London-based actors.

Casting details: Actor will be asked to send in a simple self-tape.
Production dates: Tuesday 30th November 2021
Production location: London, United Kingdom

Male, 10-12 years old, British.
He’s full of energy, big smiles.
Kind of a cheeky kid.
Naturally funny.
Comfortable in front of the camera.
Will wear funky costumes.

Will be acting alongside an actress (39-42) playing his mother. Open to suggestions where child actor’s mother is also an actress.

Contract info: BSF: £250, Buyout: £375, Chaperone/parent fee: £90. Public transport reimbursement within London
Usage: 6 months online for UK market only

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