Female actor, 4–6 years

5 years old. Angelic. Does have some lines – and speaks with an RP accent despite her American parents as they live in London. Due to appear in approximately 6 episodes.

Appearance: Eastern European, Mediterranean, Scandinavian, White
Contract type: Equity – Above Minimum
Must be London based. Overall dates: August 2021 – January 2022

How to apply…

  1. You MUST update your profile to make it relevant to the brief, particularly in the BIO section (under ‘Skills’). This shows you’ve read the full brief and fit the criteria – and your profile will up to date!
  2. If shoot location’s not in your area, please make it clear you can travel to/from and have accommodation as this is not usually covered.
  3. Use this application form to let us know you’re interested and available, and provide any further information and images – we won’t submit you if you don’t apply!  
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