Little Girl (Female, 9–11 years)


Young girl aged 9-11. Our little girl is fearless, effortlessly charming and somehow wise all at once. She’s got a sweet toughness about her and a look of calm curiosity. Our girl should be a little actress who can convey emotion and evoke empathy without doing much. We should find a girl with lots of spirit and charisma, we want her to have personality inward and outward. Therefore we are not looking for the perfect little pretty girl. We want gap in the teeth, freckles on the nose, big ears or maybe something completely different that we find along the way. We know it when we see her.

Contract info: BSF £200. Chaperone fee £100 per day. Buyout £8k

Casting details: Session on Thursday 25th November
Production dates: Dec 8: Departure from UK
Dec 9: arrival in Montevideo and fittings
Dec 10: down day
Dec 11, 12, 13: shooting
Dec 14: travel back + weather day option
Production location: tbc, France