Mother & Child (Male, 7–11 years)

CHILD (Mother & Child) (Male, 7–11 years) for music video
MALE OR FEMALE. Ideally a real mother and child. Child playing age 7-11. Open to all ethnicities.
Height: Any height
Gender: Male
Appearance: Any appearance

Self tapes due Friday/Monday. Recalls to follow after.
Production dates: Fitting 15th November Date TBC
Shoot w/c 15th – 2 Day Shoot Dates TBC

Confirm Child Talent: Tues 2nd Nov
Child License Deadline: Wed 3rd Nov (10 days prior to shoot)
Adult Recalls: Thurs 4th &/or Fri 5th Nov
Confirm Adult Talent: Fri 5th Nov

Contract type: Non-union – Commercially Financed
Contract info: (1 day shoot) £190 per day. 12 hour shoot day.

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