Real Brothers (7–13 years)

LUKE, ADAM & JACK (Male, 7–13 years)

Luke the eldest is aged 12-13yrs, Jack is 10-11yrs and Adam could be 7-9yrs. In the first instance I am looking for REAL brothers to play these roles.

Luke and Adam are whiny little toads who do nothing but argue and get at each other. Jack is the quieter brother and Strike’s favourite, he wants to be a soldier when he grows up!

They appear in 2 eps.

London/Neutral accents. Ideally based in London or the South of England.
Appearance: White
Contract type: Equity – PACT
Contract info:
EQUITY PACT TV (Children’s)

Casting location: London, United Kingdom
Production dates: 17th Jan – End of April
Production location: London & Cornwall

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