THE WIZARD (Male, 6–10 years)

A charmingly innocent child who truly believes in magic. WE ARE WIDENING THE AGE RANGE 6-10 YEARS OLD



Character: Optimistic, Imaginative, Innocent, Committed, Curious

Our young child is obsessed with magic. It’s all he thinks about. He truly believes he is a wizard and that he is doing magic throughout.

The young child carries himself with the gravitas of a true mighty wizard but has the charm and innocence of a child. When he dons his cloak and wand, they expect their apprentice and parents to treat them as such

Our wizard is the quintessential child hero that is as familiar and beloved in our culture as the concept of magic itself. Curious, creative, wide-eyed and inspired, they are Matilda, Hermione, Harry Potter and Peter Pan. Most of all, they are absolutely committed to the power of magic – and the power that lies with themselves.
More than age, culture or gender, we are looking for a hero who can portray these elements with heart. LOOKING FOR A STELLA CHILD ACTOR as, with any good hero, the fate of our magical journey rests on their shoulders.

Voice: The wizard attempts to use more complicated and magical vocabulary as he wants to come across like a convincing wizard. However, he is still a child so will often stumble or stutter over more complex words and terms, adding a natural charm and clumsiness to his character.

We are looking for a grounded and natural performance to truly sell the worldview of the wizard.
They believe in magic so much that that belief become infectious for both parents and the viewer. We truly see the world through their eyes.
Will bring energy and wonder to the performance but still feel like a real child not a theatre kid .

Although I am adding picture refs it really is about PERFORMANCE which is where I trust your suggestions. LOOKING FOR THAT VERY SPECIAL YOUNG ACTOR!!
Height: Any height
Gender: Male
Appearance: Any appearance
Contract type: Non-union – Commercially Financed
Contract info:
BSF shoot day fee of Β£400
Rehearsal days at Β£200
Parent Chaperone fee at Β£90 per day
Usage Fee Β£15,000

How to apply…

  1. You MUST update your profile to make it relevant to the brief, particularly in the BIO section (under ‘Skills’). This shows you’ve read the full brief and fit the criteria – and your profile will up to date!
  2. If shoot location’s not in your area, please make it clear you can travel to/from and have accommodation as this is not usually covered.
  3. Use this application form to let us know you’re interested and available, and provide any further information and images – we won’t submit you if you don’t apply!  
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